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Uniform Waivers at Sub-varsity and Middle School / JR. High Levels

A reminder to all officials that we need to be lenient and understanding when it comes to uniforms at the subvarsity and middle school/jr. high levels. In no instance should we be refusing to allow a match to be played or should we forfeit a game/match because of a discrepancy in the uniform colors, style etc. Most coaches are understanding and will not make a big issue out of it. We should not either. If you feel there is a significant problem notify your Assignor and encourage the coach to contact their Athletic Director to double check on the ruling.

NFHS rule 4-2-1-a, Volleyball Uniforms, states that teams shall wear "like-colored uniforms consisting of shirts and short, pants or skirts, in one or two pieces."

Uniforms, particularly the shorts, do NOT need to be identical.  They must be similar in color, however.  Style does not matter, so not all shorts need to be the same.  The length of the shorts may vary, but should not extend below the knee.

At the high school subvarsity and all middle school/junior high playing levels, there MUST be reasonable accommodations for uniform variances. Often times those teams get the "hand-me-downs" from the high school varsity, so not all uniforms will match.  The differences may become more evident the larger the squad, so there may be some "piece mealing" of uniforms in order for all players to have a uniform.   As long as each uniform has a different number, and the uniforms are similar, there should be NO problems in conducting a match.

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